Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Notebook and card set

A Notebook and card set (CPS#75), it'll make a nice gift for mothers...
Found a recycled book over at Daiso, Richmond BC @ Aberdeen Center. It's kind of like the dollar store, their stuff are all from Japan, $2. You can find just about anything.. Quality is so much better, you'll be amazed at what they have there... household items, stationery, crafting supplies, gardening decor, Children's toys.

For those people who live in Vancouver, BC. Go Check IT OUT!!


  1. Boa Tarde!
    Muito bonito seus trabalho manuais.

  2. I wish we had that store where I live- I'm just peeking from the CPS sketch blog and I had to tell you I love your card!

  3. I so love what you did with the CPS sketch! Wonderful papers and a cute set!!

  4. how wonderful! love the set and the cps card! great colors and bow!