Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi! I'm Back!

Well Hello everyone! I know I've dissapeared for quite a while.. pretty busy i guess..

The long awaited gingerbread house. I was just preparing for xmas.. I know summer's just begin but I wanted to finish this up and hopefully sell them. The house shape was traced from clear scraps acrylic house album and I cut them out from chipboard.

At first I doubt myself that it'll look nice... But now with the finished piece, I LOVED it! I drew and handcut most of the embellishments like the chocolate chip door and window; snow; christmas tree and ofcourse the gingerbread man! he's a cutie..

So here's the gingerbread house... Taa daa!


  1. I LOVE your gingerbread house! You do great work! Janice/fluffnstuff

  2. WOW... this is gorgeous!!! I love it sooooo much, would you mind if I 'scraplift' it???

    Let me know

  3. I saw this posted on Papercrafts site and instantly had to come visit. This just blows me away. You are extremely talented!.
    Love it and it should sell extremely quickly!


  4. This is adorable! Where did you find the reindeer ribbon? I can't find it anywhere!